Boron Nitride Coating (Boronox)

What is Water Based Boron Nitride Coating (Boronox)?

Boronox – Hexagonal Boron Nitride coating. This paint like coating is water based and it is manufactured and exported by Supervac Industries, New Delhi. It comprises of ultra fine particles of boron nitride in aqueous base. The high chemical purity of BN particles along with an inorganic binder result in a very superior formulation which delivers a fluid and continuous coating…


Vacuum Oil Equivalents

A lot of confusion exists in the vacuum industry. Reasons- Engineers do not know which oil is equivalent to the oil supplied by their plant manufacturer. Equipment manufacturers rarely give detailed specifications of vacuum oil to be used. Equipment manufacturers keep changing their recommendation from time to time. The vacuum oils supplied by equipment manufacturers…


Caution! Vacuum Pump Users

The role of Rotary vacuum pump (also called Roughing pump), in creating a smooth vacuum cycle cannot be stressed upon enough. In turn, this makes rotary/mechanical pump oil an important factor in the smooth running of the vacuum pump. Unfortunately many vacuum pump users do not realize that rotary vacuum pump oil is not an…



It is quite understandable that when a consumer is extremely satisfied with a product, he tends to ask for the same over and over again. In the vacuum world, DC-704 was the undisputed king of vacuum oils for a long time. Then, in 2012, Dow Corning, the American company manufacturing this oil; for reasons best…