Ceramic products

Supervac supplies ceramic products range consisting of Boron Nitrite Suspension, Boron Nitrite Powder used as lubricating and releasing agent
and evaporation boats playing a vital role in packaging and capacitor film making

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Boron Nitride Suspension
Boron Nitride Suspension : SV-BNS

SV-BNS is an aqueous-based suspension with a high solid content of very pure Boron Nitride particles. Since it has excellent lubricating and releasing properties, it is used for coating the interiors of the vacuum chamber in a metallizer. High chemical purity of BN particles along with an inorganic binder result in a very superior formulation which delivers a fluid and continuous coating.


Boron Nitride Powder
Boron Nitride Powder : SV-BNP

Supervac Industries® imports Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) Powder in large quantities so as to make them available at economical rates to its valued customers.
hBN consists of hexagonal crystal structure and has wide ranging applications in various industries.


Evaporation Boat
Evaporation Boat : Alpha One

SupervacTM is one of very few companies in the world having technology to manufacture this product. SupervacTM supplies 2 component Boats (made of TIB2 and BN). Very widely used in packaging and capacitor film making industry, these are ceramic composites made by pressing mixtures of boride-nitride powders in specific stoichiometric proportions. The boats have high temperature capability, thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance and excellent wettability characteristics in the presence of aluminum melts


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Uflex Ltd.

(World’s largest metallizer)  
Supervac, not only provide us with metalizing raw material consumables but also with rich subject knowledge and free technical support. Supervac industries have made a name for themselves which shows in their world class quality products. We hope that Supervac will continue to provide world class services in the near future as well. We wish them great success and all the luck for your future endeavors.
Sunil Gupta
General Manager (Purchase)
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