Graphite Foil/Tape – SV-GF

Supervac manufactures Graphite foil (SV-GF). These foils are manufactured by a patented process of EXFOLIATION and hot pressing: a technology which very few companies in the world possess. Because of its excellent electrical conductivity, anti-corrosion and thermal resistant properties coupled with compressibility and flexibility, SV-GF works outstandingly in various applications. fig.1 As shown in fig.1,…


Graphite Suspension vs. Boron Nitride Suspension

Time and again, we are approached by users wanting to know which coating will be best for their application: graphite suspension/paste or boron nitride suspension/paste.  Often, the same vacuum system manufacturer who earlier recommended boron nitride suspension/paste is now recommending graphite suspension/paste or vice versa, as a coating inside the vacuum chamber. This has led…