It is quite understandable that when a consumer is extremely satisfied with a product, he tends to ask for the same over and over again. In the vacuum world, DC-704 was the undisputed king of vacuum oils for a long time. Then, in 2012, Dow Corning, the American company manufacturing this oil; for reasons best…


Diffusion Pump Maintenance

The entire process of vacuum deposition rests on the foundation of efficient working of Diffusion pump. Good quality Diffusion pumps are like work horses: they are capable of functioning effortlessly for long periods of time provided they are fed nicely and taken care of. For diffusion pumps, the fodder is diffusion pump oil. Diffusion pump…


Procedure for Safe Running of Vacuum Furnaces

A furnace is typically run at temperature between 500 o C- 1200 o C. Because of such elevated temperatures, furnaces require a lot of safety precautions in their normal operations. Because of requirement of better products many times it is essential that heating inside furnace be done under vacuum. Such a furnace is called a vacuum furnace.   Advantages…