Caution! Vacuum Pump Users

The role of Rotary vacuum pump (also called Roughing pump), in creating a smooth vacuum cycle cannot be stressed upon enough. In turn, this makes rotary/mechanical pump oil an important factor in the smooth running of the vacuum pump. Unfortunately many vacuum pump users do not realize that rotary vacuum pump oil is not an…



It is quite understandable that when a consumer is extremely satisfied with a product, he tends to ask for the same over and over again. In the vacuum world, DC-704 was the undisputed king of vacuum oils for a long time. Then, in 2012, Dow Corning, the American company manufacturing this oil; for reasons best…


Diffusion Pump Maintenance

The entire process of vacuum deposition rests on the foundation of efficient working of Diffusion pump. Good quality Diffusion pumps are like work horses: they are capable of functioning effortlessly for long periods of time provided they are fed nicely and taken care of. For diffusion pumps, the fodder is diffusion pump oil. Diffusion pump…


Graphite Foil/Tape – SV-GF

Supervac manufactures Graphite foil (SV-GF). These foils are manufactured by a patented process of EXFOLIATION and hot pressing: a technology which very few companies in the world possess. Because of its excellent electrical conductivity, anti-corrosion and thermal resistant properties coupled with compressibility and flexibility, SV-GF works outstandingly in various applications. fig.1 As shown in fig.1,…