Evaporation Boat for metal coating:  Alpha+ by Supervac Industries LLP

Evaporation Boats for Metal Coating – Exciting Innovations

For years, evaporation boats for metal coating have been the backbone of metallization processes. Thanks to advancements in recent times in the field of evaporation boat technology, the world of metal coating is experiencing a wave of exciting innovations. Evaporation boats have undergone significant improvements in recent years. From enhanced materials to cutting-edge designs, these…

High vacuum Silicone Grease

High Vacuum Silicone Grease

For attaining a good level of vacuum just as a good quality vacuum pump oil is necessary, the importance of good quality vacuum grease too cannot be denied. High vacuum silicone greases come with abundant qualities and minimal drawbacks for commercial vacuum systems. Made up with a base of silicone high vacuum fluid, the grease…

Boron Nitride Coating (Boronox)

What is Water Based Boron Nitride Coating (Boronox)?

Boronox – Hexagonal Boron Nitride coating. This paint like coating is water based and it is manufactured and exported by Supervac Industries, New Delhi. It comprises of ultra fine particles of boron nitride in aqueous base. The high chemical purity of BN particles along with an inorganic binder result in a very superior formulation which delivers a fluid and continuous coating…


Vacuum Oil Equivalents

A lot of confusion exists in the vacuum industry. Reasons- Engineers do not know which oil is equivalent to the oil supplied by their plant manufacturer. Equipment manufacturers rarely give detailed specifications of vacuum oil to be used. Equipment manufacturers keep changing their recommendation from time to time. The vacuum oils supplied by equipment manufacturers…