Beware! Trap Ahead

Bhartendu Mehta (Name Changed) stormed into my chamber this morning. He seemed to be furious. Without exchanging any pleasantries he started, “How can my machinery manufacturer loot me?” He demanded to know. I was surprised for a minute. After all, besides being a good friend, Bhartendu was a polished businessman; a stalwart in metallizing line…


Vacuum Gauges Explained

In any vacuum system it is most important to know accurately the level of vacuum on real time basis as even a minor change in vacuum can result in process parameters going haywire and product quality getting adversely affected. In modern day vacuum systems we use sophisticated vacuum gauges to know the vacuum accurately. In…


Graphite Foil Top 10 Questions Answered

Q.1 Is there an alternative to graphite foil for metallizing?    Supervac Graphite Foil- SV-GF Ans. Graphite foil is highly conducting, flexible, compressible and relatively inexpensive. It serves to plug the gap between the evaporation boat and the copper clamp and so prevents any sparking that may take place. There is no alternate to graphite…


Leakage Detection and Prevention in Vacuum Systems

Leaks pose biggest challenge to engineers handling vacuum systems. Leakages cripple the work and are invariably time consuming to detect.    This blog post is about two major issues related to leakage – Detection and Prevention. Leakage Detection Following are three methods of leakage detection–  Physical Verification: – This should be used if even roughing…