Supervac offers you something better than Indomet Tetra

SV-Sigma High Vacuum Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil

33.3% Cost Saving

Delivers a clean vacuum

No cleaning of diffusion pump required EVER.

11% faster vacuum

24 x 7 easy & quick availability

Trusted Company serving the vacuum industry since 19 years

Easily Replaces all Diffusion Pump Oils

Upto 37% Lower inventory carring cost.

Technical Comparison

1Ultimate Vacuum 3×10-8 mbar3×10-8 mbarSame
2Latent Heat Not Disclosed220.5 J/gmHigh latent heat ensures 11% faster vacuum with SV-Sigma
3Molecular Weight 484484Same 
4Flash PointAbove 240°CAbove 270°CSV-Sigma is safer in case of accidental overheating
5Boiling Point > 215°C220°CPrecise boiling point of SV-Sigma ensures electricity saving
6Specific Gravity At 25°C1.07 1.07Same 
7AppearanceColor LessColor LessSame
8Packaging20KG(1KG) (5KG)You don't need to buy more than you need.
9Chemically identical toDC-704DC-704Same 
10CostHigh Cost Honest Pricing33.3% Cost Saving with SV-Sigma

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Get Best Price for Diffusion Pump Oil

Trusted by 5000+ Customers    |    1,59,231 Liters Sold    |    Exporting to 17 Countries

Trusted by 5000+ Customers

1,59,231 Liters Sold

Exporting to 17 Countries

OUR USP: World-class Quality  |  Competitive Prices |  Immediate Delivery

Features & Benefits of Diffusion Pump Oil SV-Sigma

  • SV-Sigma Diffusion pump oil- Equal. DC 704 is Compatible with all Diffusion pumps– The oil is suitable for all types and makes of Diffusion pumps around the globe as SV-SIGMA™ conforms to international standards.
  • Chemically inert– Being chemically unreactive, the oil does not react either to the metal interiors of Diffusion pumps like steel, chromium, aluminum and nickel, or to vacuum gases or elastomers.
  • Extremely low vapor pressure– Very narrow molecular weight distribution of the oil ensures that no backstreaming takes place in the pump.
  • Very high ultimate vacuum– Due to the low vapor pressure, SV-Sigma Diffusion pump oil- Equal. DC 704, delivers very high ultimate vacuum to the order of 1×10-7 Torr, thereby ensuring best product quality.
  • High resistance to Oxidation– SV-Sigma Diffusion pump oil- Equal. DC 704, does not degenerate or crack even under very high temperatures thereby, offering a long working life.
  • High Thermal Stability– SV-SIGMA™ works excellently even in extreme operating temperatures.
  • Moisture Resistant– The chemical structure of SV-Sigma Diffusion pump oil makes it resistant to moisture and water vapor.
  • Low Vacuum Time– SV-SIGMA™ has high latent heat. This ensures lowest possible vacuum time. This cuts down the cycle time considerably.
  • Nonflammable and non toxic– Hence, totally safe for use.
  • Very long shelf life-SV-Sigma Diffusion pump oil- Equal. DC 704 has a long shelf life; Up to 2 years; if stored properly.
  • Easy Replacement/Substitute of other silicone vacuum oils with the same chemical properties e.g. DC-704, Indomet Tetra, CVC-4 etc.- In fact SV-SIGMA™ offers better suction power, better ultimate vacuum pressure and minimal or no oil back flow compared to other diffusion pump oils.
  • Very competitively priced. Not just outstanding quality, Supervac guarantees lowest price for its silicone Diffusion pump oil compared to other oils in the market. Supervac takes care of both, high vacuum technology as well as client satisfaction.
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