Supervac offers to you something better than LVO - 130.

SV-130 Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil - Premium Quality Mineral Oil

67.9% Cost Saving

79% less pump maintenance required

Oil change only at scheduled intervals.

43% faster vacuum time

Longer working life

Immediate availability

Trusted Company serving the vacuum industry since 19 years

Replacement of LVO 130

Technical Comparison

S.NoPropertyLVO 130SV-130Remarks
1BaseMineral OilMineral OilSame
2Resistance to OxidationGoodExcellentBetter oxidation resistance means 97% longer working life.
3UltimateNot Specified6×10-4 TorrHigher Vacuum
4DistillationNot SpecifiedTriple molecular distillationNo impurities; so practically no pump maintenance required
5Pour Point( - ) 21°C( - ) 21°CSame
6ColourPale YellowPale YellowSame
7Vapor Pressure at 25°CNot Specified8×10-4 TorrVery low vapour pressure, reduces vacuum time
8Flash Point245°C245°CSame
9Density885 Kg/m3 at 15°C885 Kg/m3 at 15°CSame
10CostHighHonest Pricing67.9% Cost Saving

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SV-130 Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil: Features & Benefits

  • Triple distilled through molecular distillation process.
  • Clear straw color: SV-130 has no carbon, sulphur or other volatile impurities. Because of its high level of purity and anti-corrosive properties, SV-130 does not attack the oil seals, bearings and bushings of the pump, thereby, saving costly time, money and effort in pump maintenance.
  • Free of artificial additives– Additives like rust inhibitors/anti corrosion etc. if present in vacuum oil separate from the base fluid under high temperatures and stick to the pump interiors as gummy substances. Since it is free of these artificial additives, unlike most of the so-called vacuum oils, SV-130 will never turn to gel form and never harm the pump interiors.
  • Low vapor pressure at high pumping temperatures- This minimizes backstreaming and reduces pump-down time.
  • Excellent Vacuum Level- Ultimate vacuum of 6×10-4 Torr.
  • Carries no aromatic compounds or unsaturated double carbon bonds- This prevents the formation of sludge.
  • Chemically inert –The oil shows excellent resistance to oxidation and reaction with any process gas.
  • High Viscosity Index- SV-130 maintains excellent thermal stability between minus 15°C to 300°C due to its high viscosity index.
  • High Thermal Stability– SV-130 works excellently even in extreme operating temperatures.
  • Excellent lubricating properties – These properties maximize pump durability.
  • Very Long Working Life- SV-130 has longer working life than that of other mineral oils and therefore works out very economical.
  • Conforms to DIN-51506 VD-L and ISO DIS-6521 specifications for vacuum pump oils.
  • Suitable for mechanical/rotary pumps of all makes and models around the world.
  • Comes in packing of 20 lt. and 210 lt.
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