1) Product Name------------------------------------ High Vacuum Silicone Grease SV-G9.
2) Manufacturer’s name and address------------ Supervac Industries, B-21, Flatted Factory
Complex, Jhandewalan, New Delhi-110055.
3) HSN Code---------------------------------------- 39100090

SECTION 2 (Ingredients)
1) Silicone Grease.
2) Hazardous Material------- Not listed as Hazardous Substance.

SECTION 3 (Physical Data)
1) Boiling Point-----------------350 0C
2) Melting Point----------------250 0C
3) Vapour pressure-------------0.000003 Torr
4) % Volatile by Volume------0.01% (moisture)
5) Physical state-----------------Solid.

SECTION 4 (Fire and Explosion Hazard data)
1) Flash Point---------------------Above 300 0C
2) Non-Explosive and Non-Inflammable.
This information is furnished without warranty, expressed or implied, except that it is accurate to the best of knowledge of Supervac Industries. Supervac Industries assumes no responsibility for use or reliance on this data.

SECTION 5 (Hazards Identification)
Hazard Description: Not Applicable

SECTION 6 (First-Aid Measures)
In the event of contact with the skin, rinse off with water and soap. Contamination of the eyes must be treated by thorough irrigation with water, with the eyelids held open. Eventually a
doctor (or eye specialist) should be consulted.
If product is swallowed consult a doctor if necessary.

SECTION 7 (Fire-Fighting Measures)
Suitable extinguishing media: Dry sand, special metal extinguishing powder
For reason of security unsuitable extinguishing media: Water
Special risk due to the substance or the preparation itself, its combustion products or the gas being produced: In case of fire, titanium dioxide and carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide is formed.
Special protective equipment when fighting fires: Firemen have to wear self-contained breathing apparatus.
Further information: None

SECTION 8 (Accidental Release Measures)
Precautionary measures regarding persons: Remove sources of ignition. Avoid formation and deposition of dust.
Environmental protection measures: Do not empty into drains or waters.

SECTION 9 (Handling and Storage)
Information on safe handling: Avoid formation and deposition of dust. Ensure adequate ventilation and, if necessary, exhaust ventilation when handling or transferring the product.
Information on fire and explosion prevention: Keep away from sources of ignition.
Requirements on storerooms and containers:
The wasserhaushaltsgesetz (Water Resources Management Act) and the relevant
Landeswassergesetz (Local Waste Water Legislation) and the Regulations on Plants for Storing,
Filling and Transportation of Substances which are Hazardous to Water must be observed.
Information on common storage: Observe the rules contained in the VCI concept for
separate/common storage. Observe official regulations.
Further information on storage conditions: Keep in sealed containers in a dry place.
Storage class according to VCI (Association of the German Chemical Industry): 11

SECTION 10 (Exposure Controls/Personal Protection)
Respiratory protection: Respiratory equipment with filter type P according to DIN EN 143
Hand Protection: Gloves
Eye Protection: Goggle.

SECTION 11 (Stability and Reactivity)
Conditions to avoid: Keep away from/remove sources of ignition. Capable of causing dust
Substances to avoid: None Known
Hazardous decomposition products: Formation of titanium dioxide and carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide during thermal decomposition.
Further information: None

SECTION 12 (Toxicological Information)
Toxicological studies on the product are not yet available.

SECTION 13 (Ecological Information)
Ecological data are not available.

SECTION 14 (Disposal Considerations)
Unused material: Reuse if possible.
May be disposed of in approved landfills provided local regulations are observed.

SECTION 15 (Transport Information)
GGVSE: __ UN: __ PG: __
RID/ADR: __ UN: __ PG: __
Warning Sign: Hazard No. _____ UN No.: _____
ADNR: __ UN: __ PG: __
GGVSee/IMDG Code: __ UN:__ PG: __ MPO: __
ICAO-TI/IATA-DGR: __ UN: __ PG: __
Declaration for land shipment: ____
Declaration for sea shipment: ____
Declaration for shipment by air: ____
Other Information: Not dangerous cargo. Keep separated from foodstuffs.
SECTION 16 (Regulatory Information)
No labeling is required in accordance with the EEC directives.
German regulations
TRGS 900 “Atmospheric Threshold Value”:
Threshold: Not Established
Handling Restrictions: None
Major accidents regulations: Not listed in the appendices
Technical instruction on Air pollution control:
Figure 5.2.1
Total dust
Water pollution class (WGK): Not harmful to water
Observe national regulations.