boron nitride powder-release agent, coating lubricant- supervac industries



Q1) What is the particle size of SV-BNP+?

Answer: The average particle size of SV-BNP+ boron nitride powder is 5 micron.

Q2) Is it water soluble?

Answer: Yes, SV-BNP+ can readily dissolve in water to form a smooth lubricious paint-like liquid. Quantity of water can be as per the user’s requirement. Thereafter it can be applied with a paint brush, roller or sprayed.

Q3) Can it be mixed with a solvent?

Answer: Yes, SV-BNP+ can be dissolved in any solvent if so required.

Q4) What is the purity of SV-BNP+?

Answer: SV-BNP+ comes with the purity >99%. This makes it suitable not only for high-precision, high-technology fields, but also for advanced research purposes as well.

Q5) What is the crystal structure of SV-BNP+?

Answer: SV-BNP+ boron nitride powder’s crystal structure is hexagonal.

Q6) We need good quality boron nitride powder for sintering. Can SV-BNP+ withstand high temperatures?

Answer: SV-BNP+ powder can withstand temperatures till 1800 degree centigrade in an inert atmosphere or under vacuum without losing any of its properties.

Q7) We are a thermoplastic compound manufacturer. Is SV-BNP+ suitable for us?

Answer: Absolutely. SV-BNP+ is added to thermoplastic compounds for adding thermal conductivity. SV-BNP+ dissipates heat while retaining electrical insulation properties.

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