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960531 Liters Sold

4993 Customers

17 Countries

Silicone Vapor Jet Booster Pump Oil : SV-JS

The Vapor Booster pump works very similarly to oil diffusion pump with one variation. Apart from having angular jets inside, they have an ejector stage as well which enhances the output of the pump. SupervacTM Vapor booster pump oil comes in two qualities –

Features & Benefits of Vapor Jet Booster Pump Oil : SV-JS

  • Clear Water-white color shows absolute purity.
  • Compatible with all Vapor Jet Booster pumps– The oil is suitable for all types and makes of Vapor Booster pumps around the globe as SV-JS conforms to international standards.
  • Chemically inert– Being chemically unreactive, the oil does not react either to the metal interiors of Vapor Booster pumps like steel, chromium, aluminum and nickel, or to vacuum gases or elastomers.
  • Very low vapor pressure– Narrow molecular weight distribution of the oil ensures that no backstreaming takes place in the pump.
  • High ultimate vacuum– Due to the low vapor pressure, the oil delivers very high ultimate vacuum to the order of 1×10-5 Torr, thereby ensuring best product quality.
  • High resistance to Oxidation– The oil does not degenerate or crack even under very high temperatures thereby, offering a long working life.
  • High Thermal Stability– SV-JS works excellently even in extreme operating temperatures.
  • Moisture Resistant– The chemical structure of the oil makes it resistant to moisture and water vapor.
  • Low Vacuum Time– SV-JS has high latent heat. This ensures lowest possible vacuum time. This cuts down the cycle time considerably.
  • Nonflammable and non toxic– Hence, totally safe for use.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Very competitively priced.
Silicone Vapor Jet Booster Pump Oil : SV-JS
Silicone Vapor Jet Booster Pump Oil : SV-JS

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Specifications of Vapor Jet Booster Pump Oil : SV-JS

Ultimate Vacuum1×10-5 Torr
Vapor Pressure at 25°C3×10-5 Torr
Flash Point280°C
Boiling Point160°C
AppearanceWater White
Packaging(5 ltrs.) (20 ltrs.)
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What Our Clients are Saying About Us


Holostik India Ltd

(World’s largest holograms manufacturer)

We consider your Products and services as an added asset to our company

Dheeraj Gandhi Manager – Procurement February 15, 2017


Uflex Ltd.

(World’s largest metallizer)

Supervac industries have made a name for themselves which shows in their world class quality products.

Sunil Gupta General Manager (Purchase) February 15, 2017


Sunrise Polypack Pvt. Ltd

(Polyster Film Metallizer)

We acknowledge and value your work culture, professional ethics and after sales service and support of your team members for on time delivery of quality products.

Devendra Agarwal Director February 17, 2017


Shankar polymer Pvt. Ltd.

(Largest PVC Metallizer)

Supervac, not only provides us with metallizing consumables but also with rich subject knowledge and free technical support.

Sandeep Sharma Director February 17, 2017


First Vac Met Corporation Pvt Ltd

(One of India’s oldest metallizer)

Main advantage of dealing with Supervac Industries is inventory is less, same way investment is less compare to import these products from Europe and USA. We forgot to import metallizing products after dealing with Supervac Industries.


Rajiv Jariwala Managing Director February 17, 2017



(Oldest Capacitors Films Metallizers)

You are a dependable vendor who meets our quality, quantity and supply schedules diligently, while offering competitive pricing.

Pradeep Kumar. B President February 23, 2017


Lumax Industries Limited

We have been dealing with Supervac Industries since last 9 years. We are using there World class quality products such as Booster Pump Oils, Silicon Oil etc. They are giving us free technical support also when we required.

We wish to continue our association with you in the long run also we wish them great success and best luck for future endeavours.

Sajjan Singh Ahlawat Plant Head March 6, 2017


Kanodia Technoplast Ltd

We have been your customer for last three years for Graphite Paint and Graphite Tape. The Excellent quality of your products and timely delivery make you our preferred supplier. Keep on the good work.

Rajesh Handu GM March 7, 2017

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What is difference between a vapour jet booster pump and ejector pump ?

Both are the same.

How is this oil compared to apiezon booster pump oil ?

This oil is far superior to apiezon vapour jet booster pump oil as this is a silicone oil and apiezon is a hydrocarbon oil.