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Vacuum Pump Oil : SV-77 (Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil)

Rotary Vacuum Pump OIl
Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil : SV-77

SV-77 is Next generation Synthetic Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil / Mechanical Vacuum Pump Oil manufactured by Supervac Industries ®. It has received outstanding response from the vacuum industry owing to its excellent properties as compared to other mineral oil based competitive products in the market.

Supervac Industries is India’s no.1 manufacturer and supplier of two types of Rotary vacuum pump oils:

1. Vacuum pump oil (SV-77) : Premium Quality, Synthetic
2. Vacuum Pump oil (SV-68). : Double Distilled, Mineral

Most appropriate of these vacuum pump oils can be chosen depending upon the cost and the desired vacuum level.

  • SV-77 : Synthetic Vacuum Oil
  • SV-68 : Mineral Vacuum Oil

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Features & Benefits of Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil : SV-77

  • Triple distilled through molecular distillation process.
  • Clear water white in color: SV-77 has no carbon, sulphur or other volatile impurities. Because of its high level of purity and anti-corrosive properties, SV-77 does not attack the oil seals, bearings and bushings of the pump, thereby, saving costly time, money and effort in pump maintenance.
  • Free of artificial additives– Additives like rust inhibitors/anti corrosion etc. if present in vacuum oil separate from the base fluid under high temperatures and stick to the pump interiors as gummy substances. Since it is free of these artificial additives, unlike most of the so-called vacuum oils, SV-77 will never turn to gel form and never harm the pump interiors.
  • Low vapor pressure at high pumping temperatures- This minimizes backstreaming and reduces pump-down time.
  • Excellent Vacuum Level- Ultimate vacuum of 6×10-4 Torr.
  • Carries no aromatic compounds or unsaturated double carbon bonds- This prevents the formation of sludge.
  • Chemically inert –The oil shows excellent resistance to oxidation and reaction with any process gas.
  • High Viscosity Index- SV-77 maintains excellent thermal stability between minus 15°C to 300°C due to its high viscosity index.
  • High Thermal Stability– SV-77 works excellently even in extreme operating temperatures.
  • Excellent lubricating properties – These properties maximize pump durability.
  • Very Long Shelf Life- SV-77 has a life 2 to 3 times that of other mineral oils and therefore works out very economical.
  • Conforms to DIN-51506 VD-L and ISO DIS-6521 specifications for vacuum pump oils.
  • Suitable for mechanical/rotary pumps of all makes and models around the world.
  • Comes in packing of 20 lt. and 210 lt.

Specifications of Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil : SV-77

Ultimate Vacuum6×10-4 Torr
Vapor Pressure at 25°C3×10-4 Torr
Resistance to OxidationExcellent
DistillationTriple Distilled Synthetic Oil
(Carbon) (Sulfur) & other ImpuritiesNil
Flash Point300°C
Viscosity at 40°C77cst
AppearanceWater White
Packaging(20 ltrs.)(210 ltrs.)

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Important Properties of SV-77 (Premium Quality Synthetic Vacuum  Pump oil) are explained in detail as under-

1) Vapor Pressure - Premium Quality Synthetic Vacuum  Pump oil SV-77  has vapor pressure 3 X 10-4  Torr at 25 °C   because of a very low vapor pressure

a) Vacuum Time is reduced.
b) Ultimate vacuum is very high of the order of 6 X 10-4   Torr
c) Trapping is simplified.
2) Lubrication Ability - Since Premium Quality Synthetic Vacuum  Pump oil SV-77 is a synthetic oil it has high lubricating ability which prevents inner wear and tear of the pump and increases pump life.
3) Color -  Premium Quality Synthetic Vacuum  Pump oil SV-77  is completely colorless which reduces contamination and also makes it easier for the machine operator to see if  oil needs to be changed.
4) Pour Point - Pour Point is lowest  temperature  at which vacuum oil will flow.  Premium Quality Synthetic Vacuum  Pump oil SV-77 has pour point (-) 15 °C   hence it is suitable for application at most places. In case temperature in your area is lower than this then we can modify the pour point for supply to you.
5) Flash Point - Flash Point is a temperature at which oil will burn momentarily Premium Quality Synthetic Vacuum  Pump oil SV-77  has very high flash point of 300 °C   so it is completely safe to use.
6) Gas Solubility - Gas Solubility of  Premium Quality Synthetic Vacuum  Pump oil, SV-77  is practically NIL hence it is very suitable for challenging application like distillation of transformer oil, distillation of Kerosine, distillation of acids and other corrosive substances.
7) Viscosity - If viscosity is too high oil will not be able to lubricate and if viscosity is too low than oil will not able to seal. SV-77 Premium Quality Synthetic Vacuum  Pump oil has viscosity of 77 cst at 40°C which is ideal for vacuum pumps.
8) Viscosity index - Viscosity index of SV-77, Premium Quality Synthetic Vacuum  Pump oil is high which means it's viscosity change with temp is minimal. So from start of the pump in old condition to operation of the pump at operating temperature of about 80°C. Viscosity of SV-77 does not change much. This means that SV-77  is able to lubricate efficiently at the entire temperature range.

What are Synthetic Vacuum Oils?

Synthetic Vacuum Oils are vacuum oils that have been refined from Synthetic base stock. Some performance enhancing additives are added to these for better properties. Because these are artificially made synthetic oils it is possible to precisely control composition of the oil and it's properties. 

Mineral oils on the other hand are drived directly from crude oils and then refined. 

Advantage of Synthetic Oils

1) Synthetic oils have higher viscosity index compared to conventional mineral oils because of which the change of viscosity with temperature is minimal. This ensures proper lubrication of vacuum pump at all temperatures.

2) Since Synthetic oils are artificially made they exhibit better oxidation resistance which in turn makes their working life longer.
3) In Synthetic oils, molecules are uniform in shape and size so intra molecular friction is less this gives synthetic oils better lubrication properties.
4) Synthetic vacuum oils have a higher flash point compared to mineral oils which makes them very safe to use.
5) In Synthetic vacuum oils composition of oil can be very tightly controlled hence it is "Single Cut" because of this vapor pressure of Synthetic oils is very low.
6) Having better lubricating and sealing properties synthetic oils create vacuum much faster than conventional mineral vacuum oils
7) Synthetic vacuum oils have much higher resistance to process gases this make them more suitable for distillation of kerosine, corrosive and reactive gases.
8) Synthetic vacuum oil exhibit much better chemical stability compared to mineral oils.
9) In mineral vacuum oils it is impossible to eliminate sulphur completely which attacks O rings and oil seals causing frequent pump break down.
Synthetic oil on the other hand has no sulphur therefore pump maintenance is greatly reduced.
10)  Although initial cost of synthetic vacuum oils is about 40% more than mineral vacuum oils but their working life is nearly double hence synthetic oils is work out much cheaper.

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Holostik India Ltd

(World’s largest holograms manufacturer)

We consider your Products and services as an added asset to our company

Dheeraj Gandhi Manager – Procurement February 15, 2017


Uflex Ltd.

(World’s largest metallizer)

Supervac industries have made a name for themselves which shows in their world class quality products.

Sunil Gupta General Manager (Purchase) February 15, 2017


Sunrise Polypack Pvt. Ltd

(Polyster Film Metallizer)

We acknowledge and value your work culture, professional ethics and after sales service and support of your team members for on time delivery of quality products.

Devendra Agarwal Director February 17, 2017


Shankar polymer Pvt. Ltd.

(Largest PVC Metallizer)

Supervac, not only provides us with metallizing consumables but also with rich subject knowledge and free technical support.

Sandeep Sharma Director February 17, 2017


First Vac Met Corporation Pvt Ltd

(One of India’s oldest metallizer)

Main advantage of dealing with Supervac Industries is inventory is less, same way investment is less compare to import these products from Europe and USA. We forgot to import metallizing products after dealing with Supervac Industries.


Rajiv Jariwala Managing Director February 17, 2017



(Oldest Capacitors Films Metallizers)

You are a dependable vendor who meets our quality, quantity and supply schedules diligently, while offering competitive pricing.

Pradeep Kumar. B President February 23, 2017


Lumax Industries Limited

We have been dealing with Supervac Industries since last 9 years. We are using there World class quality products such as Booster Pump Oils, Silicon Oil etc. They are giving us free technical support also when we required.

We wish to continue our association with you in the long run also we wish them great success and best luck for future endeavours.

Sajjan Singh Ahlawat Plant Head March 6, 2017


Kanodia Technoplast Ltd

We have been your customer for last three years for Graphite Paint and Graphite Tape. The Excellent quality of your products and timely delivery make you our preferred supplier. Keep on the good work.

Rajesh Handu GM March 7, 2017

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I understand SV-77 is a synthetic oil. What are its advantages over conventional Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil ?

SV-77 synthetic oil give you faster vacuum, and a higher vacuum level. This oil has life almost two times that of conventional oils.
Since SV-77 is water white in color, it does not make your pump dirty. SV-77 has no impurities like Sulphur. So the pump requires little or no maintenance.

What is normal working life of SV-77 Rotary vacuum pump oil ?

Working life of the oil depends on a no. of parameters like the application where it is used, condition and maintenance of plant etc. But normally customers get a life of 6 – 9 months.

A large amount of oil vapor is expelled from the exhaust of my rotary pump. Is it normal ?

Yes it is perfectly normal for initial 1-2 minutes when Rotary pump is switched on at start of vacuum cycle.Just make sure for safety and for cleanliness, that this vapor is vented to the outside. However, if oil vapors continue to be expelled even after this short initial period, it indicates a vacuum leak in system.

What if venting the oil vapor to the outside is not possible?

In that case, mist eliminator should be used. These prevent the fine oil droplets from exiting the pump. Instead, they condense the oil vapor and it runs back into the pump. This reduces the loss of oil from the pump and eliminates any safety hazard.